How Did You Find Xojo?

I’m curious on how you found Xojo. There is a quick survey at that would help us find out.

This question started on the Discord channel when we started talking on have we ever seen an advertisement for Xojo? And if we were to advertise Xojo where would you advertise?

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24 thoughts on “How Did You Find Xojo?

  1. I was working for a company and they wanted me to do some quick prototyping of a ‘photo management’ application because at the time there wasn’t much of anything available on the Mac. They wanted cross-platform so they recommended that I start with REALbasic. RB was at version 3.0 or 3.5.

    Of course, a month later Apple introduced iPhoto and effectively killed my project. But it was enough to introduce me and get me started. I have no idea how my bosses heard of RB.

  2. VB6 was my favourite programming language, and after making over 50 heavy-physics calculation-based programs then the announcement that VB6 was not going to be supported made REALBasic 5.5 one of the contenders. RB had a similar syntax and the learning curve was low, it supported Windows, and here I am 15 years later.

  3. When I was 13 or 14 I wanted to get into programming “real” apps and not just the web scripts I had taught myself in Perl. My dad had read about REALbasic in MacAddict magazine, so for Christmas he bought me Matt Neuburg’s REALbasic: The Definitive Guide. He thought that, like Perl, all I needed was the book. So I had this wealth of knowledge at my fingertips, but no way to use it. The book showed me all sorts of great things I wanted to do. But the $350 (if I recall correctly) price tag was much too high for a 14 year old with no job.

    I was able to find serial numbers for REALbasic on MacSerialJunkie and pirated until I was able to purchase a legit license when I was 16 and actually working.

    My experience is why I pushed to get Xojo free to use. Nobody should be prohibited from learning the tool, because they could become lifelong users or even employees.

  4. I got it from a german journal called „c’t magazine“. I came from Borland Delphi, but after switching to macOS, I never want to miss it again, I needed an alternative. Lazarus Free Pascal wasn’t it. So I’ve found a better one. Realbasic.

  5. I was looking for an alternative to VisualBASIC in the early 2000’s and found RealBASIC. I was excited it could compile for both Windows and OSX.

  6. I ran into it back when it was still called CrossBasic. I think it came through a search. Andrew Barry was still the sole developer. Good days…

  7. I downloaded a mac app ( ) to help find the 20+ Global Cache devices I have on my property in 2012. This app was written in Realstudio as the author promoted it in the about. I had been wanting to get back into writing code from my early perl / C days and I began to use Realstudio in 2012.

    I downloaded Realstudio, found @Paul Lefebvre training videos, and then found the forum.
    The rest is history 🙂

  8. When I needed an alternative to Microsoft FoxPro for Mac, which only ran in OS 9 and development for Mac was ceased. Never looked back. Hated 4D and Omnis.

  9. As I said on the forum, I don’t recall how I can across RB. It was almost 19 years ago now!

    So Bob, are you asking to get ideas about how to find something else? 😉


    • No, I’m just curious. On Discord we were talking about how we found Xojo and it led to this blog post and the survey.

      So far it looks like most people find Xojo via web search which is interesting because in my most recent searches for cross-platform development tools Xojo has only come up a handful of times. It’s almost never been a top 5 search result so I must be searching on terms that Xojo isn’t engaging on. Dunno.

      • Ditto
        Long ago I searched for something like “vb for the mac” and found CrossBasic
        Now that same search does not turn up Xojo but VS and all kinds of other definitely NOT VB like tools

  10. From my blog:

    When I switched to a Mac, back in 2006, I had come from a Delphi development background. I had just spent the last three years using nothing but Delphi for virtually all of my software. However, making the switch from Windows meant that I needed to find a new development system. At the time, I was not aware that OS X came with developer tools (possibly it didn’t, but I’m not sure). So I started to look for a Delphi equivalent for Mac. That led me to Lazarus, the FreePascal IDE that was purportedly cross platform. Unfortunately, at that time, Lazarus required X11 to be installed for OS X, not only for development, but also on the target machine. This was not really acceptable to me, so I moved on.
    My next find was RealBasic. Having also worked with Visual Basic in the past, I was intrigued by this system. RealBasic was supposed to be cross platform, using native controls and allowed for rapid development. I could write on a Mac and compile for Linux, Windows and Mac without the need to use a non-Mac computer. So, I bought a licence.

  11. I was playing with Visual MacStandard Basic in the late ’90s. I was searching for some sort of user group and I came across REALbasic. This was when Andrew Barry was releasing the betas for 1.0. I used those betas, and purchased the license when 1.0 was released.

  12. Anyone knows what Andrew’s up to nowadays? Last time I heard of him, it was after he cancelled ExtremeBasic.

    • I keep in touch with Andrew. Long ago he went to work for a small company in his native country of Australia where he created some unique technology that ultimately resulted in that company being acquired by Oracle. Andrew has been a Senior Developer at Oracle ever since.

  13. I was working as a consultant for Sun Microsystems at the time and needed a VB (like) language but for Mac… and I found RB… it worked for both Mac and Win and that was AWESOME… in theory….
    and was with RB/RS/Xojo for years until it could not do what I needed it to.

  14. I clicked on a REALbasic banner ad in 1998. To this day it’s practically the only banner ad I’ve ever clicked on. I’m glad I did!

  15. Years ago I started to search for a replacement of VB6 after Microsoft announced they would not support it anymore. I found a couple of languages, but felt the best with Xojo, because of the ease to find information in the forum.

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