Xojo 2019 Release 3

Xojo 2019 Release 3 hit the internet today.  It’s only been three weeks since R2 was released and while this release has a number of bug fixes that are important this release is mostly about iOS.

R3 introduces a new ColorGroup class that will eventually come to all targets but for now it’s only available for iOS.  The ColorGroup has its own editor and allows the developer to set or choose colors they want to use.  You can choose Single, Dual, or Named colors.  I’m not entirely sure the point of the Single color, but Dual allows you to change a single color based on Light or Dark mode, and then there is the Named option.  

I feel that the Named option is the more valuable of the settings as it allows you to select what type of ‘color’ you’re using and allow to use, or modify the default colors in Light or Dark Mode.  For example, if I simply wanted to use the default colors of an iOSLabel I can select the ColorGroup from a new popup in the Inspector.  The control then will automatically use the Label color.  But if I want to override the defaults I can do so here for both Light and Dark modes.

This has the promise to help Xojo developers that are supporting Light and Dark Modes in their applications.  Since it’s currently for iOS only and I’m not actively working on an iOS project I can’t speak to its effectiveness and usefulness in coding.  I feel that the ColorGroup editor was slow to respond to color picker changes.  If you have some firsthand knowledge of the ColorGroup in action please leave a comment below.

The iOSTextArea control has a new Border Style and Border Color properties that allow you to create rectangle and rounded borders.  SF Symbols can be retrieved by the iOS framework using the iOSImage.SystemImage shared method.  The iOSRectangle now supports Blur effects.

After iOS there are number of new additions and changes that are part of the API 2.0 work.  If you are interested please read the release notes.  I am not actively using API 2.0 in any projects so these changes don’t mean anything to me yet.

Some Windows bug fixes:  The Draw Caution/Note/Stop icons are updated to the newer look for Windows Vista and later.  The app now terminates when the system sends a shutdown message (like when an installer is trying to update the app).  The GroupBox no longer draws funny when the caption font size is different than the default.

Some Linux bug fixes:  Changing the Label Text Color no longer leaks memory.  Clipping the listbox graphics in the CelLTextPaint or CellBackgroundPaint now works as expected.

With iOS Dark Mode out of the way, hopefully this means that 2020 R1 will have the long awaited Web 2.0.  My gut feeling is that Web 2.0 won’t be released until Xojo.Connect at the end of March and even then it might be only in beta form.  Web 2.0 is a complete rewrite from the ground up that’s been underway for a while.  Maybe I’m wrong but experience says they’ll want something big and flashy to show off.  Of course I also expect more from Android but I still expect that to be in alpha and nowhere near ready for release.

R3 is mainly an iOS release for Dark Mode and some changes for API 2.0 and then mostly bug fixes.  As always, before using you should read the release notes and then thoroughly test your application before issuing any releases.

7 thoughts on “Xojo 2019 Release 3

  1. It’s very telling that the company is still focusing on the latest shiny bits of Apple technologies while only putting token effort into Windows. I would be embarrassed if one of the fixes in my product was “icons are updated to the newer look for Windows Vista and later” given that this feature has been around for so long that the platform introducing it was mainstream EOLed seven years ago.

    • Aarron,
      You always were the RB windows guy!;)

      Yes Windows needs more attention but so does every platform to different extents IMO as does API/behavior consistency between platforms

      In any case I think it is a significant issue that they don’t now seem to have SEPARATE deep experts/champions for EACH platform they support… Too much is changing relatively quickly on many of them these days.

      Again it all goes back to lack of engineering resources. It’s hard to see how they remain competitive without that, as their main selling point is Xplatfrom…

      And if they can not afford adequate staffing, that is even more concerning for those of us using the product.

  2. “My gut feeling is that Web 2.0 won’t be released until Xojo.Connect at the end of March and even then it might be only in beta form.”

    My Destopl licensor’s was going to run out in February but I renewed with teh Black friday sale…

    If they had not reverted the event changes I would definitely have not renewed and even now I am not sure I made the right decision because of API 2 and their overall priorities…

    Once I decided to renew, I briefly decided considered upgrading to Pro as I could see possibly wanting to do a Web app this year (assuming my job survives the year)…

    But it IMO makes no sense to start a new web project anytime soon with Web 2.0 on the horizon (and i doubt it would be reasonably usable until sometime in 2021)…

    And as I don’t need iOS (which is also going to change anyway), and who knows when Android will be available, it made no sense me to upgrade to Pro now…

    If I am still working, and Web 2.0 is reasonable stable and complete by next Thanksgiving, then maybe next year…

    Or maybe this will be my last renewal as I really am afraid they are making too many mistakes…

    Time will tell.

    • 20% off equates to 2.5 months “free”. If you can wait a release (assuming 3 months) then you are better off waiting. The longer you CAN wait, the better for you. If you NEED the newest release, THEN update.

      I had once updated my Xojo licence for 4 years and massively regretted it. Same with bundles I bought. You are much better off buying items when you need them.

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