Whither My Reviews

Someone pinged me today and asked why I hadn’t done a review of Xojo 2021 R1 or R1.1.  The truth is that doing a review takes a fair bit of time and effort and I am NOT the person that should do these reviews any more.  

First, neither my employer or myself are using Web 2.0.  I still have *a* client using Web 1.0 and, well, nothing that Xojo is doing is helping me there.  Second, I have *a* client that has a Xojo iOS project and I do minor updates about once a year but I’m barely using anything new.  Third, I’ve avoided API 2.0 for the most part.

So what is there to review?  What valuable input can I give?  I don’t know.  I spend most of my time using Xojo to create and modify desktop Mac, Windows, Linux applications and console applications for those same environments.  Not sure I have a lot to say about the latest releases other than that we’ve mostly kept up to date with them.  I’m neither excited or disappointed by them.

They fix some things, they break some things, and it takes another release to fix what they broke.  This is a cycle that’s been repeated ad nauseam for…well…ever.  I just don’t have the need or drive to be a relentless cheerleader any more.

The blog was always a way to advertise our consulting services and developer products.  Since I have no need for either at this point I wonder how long I’ll keep the blog active.

Who knows, maybe I’ll find something I want to talk about with Xojo.  Or maybe some other language.  I’ve been doing some work with Go and it’s an interesting language.  Some of the brevity of C but with the strong typecasting of Xojo/Java but with really, really good concurrency options.  But Go is certainly not Xojo nor is it intended to be Xojo.  Some things I like.  Some things I don’t.

I appreciate people reaching out asking about Xojo reviews.  I think that ship has sailed and probably won’t come back to port for the foreseeable future.

6 thoughts on “Whither My Reviews

  1. good luck Bob, always enjoyed your writing.
    Be nice if you could keep it going in some form or other though.

  2. Sounds like a good bye.
    1st Sep 2007 to 22nd April 2021.

    Sad to see you do less Xojo. If you like to write about what you do now, what tools you use or what tricks you like to share, we’d be happy to read from you.

      • Would certainly love to read about your experiences. Your blog has been a mainstay of my online reading, and was a trusted source due to its balanced views and in-depth understanding of what mattered to users. Following along on your journey would be a nice way to stay in touch (so to speak). All the Best, and thanks for everything.

  3. Just this week I got contacted by a client that wanted an update to a 7 year old Windows-only project created in 2013r3 and now they need additional features.
    First time in more than a year opening Xojo and spent an afternoon upgrading the project to 2019r1.1 (my last purchased version).
    Most of the time was spend fixing ThreadAccessingUIExceptions and implementing work-arounds for this. In the end, the only visible change was a new button and more modern open/save dialogs due to recompile in 2019 (supporting OneDrive locations – making the client thrilled and they happily payed the extra hours porting threads to something working). Everything else looks exactly the same!

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