Don't Buy a Sony e-Reader

I was happy with my Sony e-Reader, that I purchased used from my cousin, until I had to deal with tech support. Afterwards I have to recommend that you should not buy the Sony because they are misrepresenting their product. Here’s why:
I got over the fact that they’ve made a deal with devil and they’re using some form of Microsoft DRM format. I got it anyway. Running Windows on my Intel Mac is easy. When you connect the device for the first time it was pretty painless procedure. I did receive a funky error message that I didn’t write down and much to my chagrin I can’t seem to find a log or history file that might help with the error.

At the bottom of the Sony store page I see this graphic.:
eBook Free Classics

So I click and come to this:
eBook Deal

I’m thinking this is a good deal. I can catch up on some of those old classics that I’ve either not read or forgotten about. So dummy me, I click on one of the classics and I get hit with $1.99 purchase. Huh? I thought I was supposed to get 100 free eBooks after I authorize my Reader. I know I’m authorized because I can buy and transfer books to my device.

After scouring the Sony tech support site I can’t find anything on the errorsor why I’m being charged for the classic book so I send them an email (only available via web form). I asked why I couldn’t get them for free and waited. It was a Saturday on a holiday weekend so I wasn’t surprised that it took them until Monday to reply.

The response I got was:

Classic Credits comes with the authorization of a new device( Reader).

Now, friends, I must admit that I’m steamed about this, nowhere do I see that little (but important) detail in either of the two graphics above. Do you? Investigating further, at the bottom of the Classics Page is this statement:

*TERMS OF CREDIT FOR 100 CONNECT(TM) eBOOKS CLASSICS TITLES ("Credit"): Available only to customers who authorize a portable Reader device on their eBook Store account between 8/4/07 and 9/30/08. Must spend the entire Credit by 10/31/08. Must be U.S. or Canadian resident, 13 yrs. or older. Credit good for CONNECT eBooks Classics titles published by Sony CONNECT (Credit not good for any other title at the eBook Store from Sony). Certain eBooks Classics titles may not be available for download in all areas. Other restrictions may apply. Credit will be applied to your Account upon authorization of Reader.

Again, nothing about it having to be a NEW Reader. And with yet another link to Terms and Conditions I have yet to find anything about it being necessary to have a NEW device to receive the 100 free classics.

So, after several fruitless back and forth efforts with Sony tech support I have to say don’t bother buying a Sony e-Reader. Their tech support is not helpful. Their website is not helpful. There is no phone number to call to talk to a real person. They have no open forum (that I’ve found yet). Their marginal software only works in Windows and while functional isn’t the most pleasant software to use. And to top it all off, I feel as if I’m being screwed out of material their own website says I should be able to get.

Other than that, I’m happy with the device itself. Hopefully the Amazon Kindle 2.0 will be a better device....