Civility In the Internet Age

Is the Internet Age killing civility? I wonder about this a lot. The REALbasic Forums and NUG posts are often filled with vitriol (always wanted to use that word) and personal attacks. It’s as if the poster didn’t even realize that another human being is on the other end reading their post. Read More...

Thick Skin

People hate you if you’re a developer and you sell software. Yes, it’s true. Get over it. No matter how hard you work at creating the perfect application someone will nit-pick something. It doesn’t matter if you spent a year in development and six months in beta testing, someone will log a bug within the first 30 minutes of release. Okay, the time frames are exaggerated but the end result is the same.

This means that you, as a developer, have to have thick skin. Someone will always complain about something. It happens all the time. If you add feature X, users will complain that they “need” feature Y. If you fix a bug and cause another one users will complain that your software is buggy and unstable. Read More...