Last Real Studio Developer Column

RBD11-2The new issue of Real Studio Developer Magazine is out.  As always, it’s chock full of good information and it’s well worth a subscription, in my opinion.

Sadly, it’s also the last edition for my BKeeney Briefs column.  It’s been five years(!) and I’ve been talking all that time about the life of a Real Studio consultant.  It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve talked to a lot of Real Studio developers over the years that have given positive and informative feedback.

I still have plenty of things to say, but I’ve discovered that writing isn’t very fun on a deadline even when you have two months to do it.  I’ll still be doing blog posts here but they’ll be much more ‘organic’ than the column.

There will be a LOT to talk about in the next couple of months.  Real Studio 2013 is in beta testing now and I believe it will be released around Real World (April 23rd).  There WILL be some exciting news beyond just the new IDE (but can’t yet).  Naturally, I have some strong opinions on the upcoming changes so stay tuned.

Again, the magazine has been a lot of fun and I thank all of your kind words over the years.

Sept/Oct 2012 Issue of Real Studio Developer

The September/October 2012 (10.6) issue of Real Studio developer Magazine hit the newsstands (email inbox?) today.  Marc Zeedar tells us how to get our Real Studio applications ready for Retina based Macs.  He also has an article telling us how to get our Real Studio apps ready for Mountain Lions’ new GateKeeper security.

JC Cruz has an interesting article on text searching.  He includes a number of algorithms that you might find useful in your own applications.

In my regular BKeeney Briefs column I talk about the blood, sweat, and tears to become an olympic style programmer.  I give away my four secrets to my success.

I also have a review of App Wrapper and RB Package Maker similar to what I did a few months ago.  This fits nicely in with Marc’s GateKeeper column as you can use either utility to code sign and sandbox your Mac applications.

All that and much more!

Real Studio Developer: July/August 2012

The July/August edition of Real Studio Magazine came out this week.  In my regular BKeeney Briefs column titled “Rethinking Processes – Don’t Keep Doing What You’re Doing Wrong” I talk about how we looked at our database projects, identified what went wrong most of the time, and then came up with a solution to avoid those problems.  That solution ended up being ActiveRecord and we now use it on practically all projects.

This is the magazine after Real World so there are a number of in-depth reports on the many things that were announced.


My question to all of you is this:  Have you ever looked back at your processes/code and decided it wasn’t efficient or very good and then came up with a solution that you now use all the time?

Twas the Night After Real World

I love Real World for many reasons.  It’s like a high school reunion except that you actually like (mostly) and get along with all your old classmates.  Everyone is there at Real World to talk about Real Studio and praise it (and bitch about it).  There were plenty of things to talk about this year.

The good news/bad news is that the 2012 Release 1 will come out later than what anyone expected and will still have the old IDE user interface.  But it turns out that this is good news in that R1 will contain a ton of bug fixes and minor to medium changes that will help everyone.  Release 2 will then have the new IDE.  Personally, I feel that my post from several months ago was pretty much spot on though in no way do I feel that my post had any influence on their decision.  I guess I can say, with very minor satisfaction, “Told you so.”

Web Edition is maturing nicely with news of an upcoming WebCanvas control that works pretty much like the desktop canvas control.  The 1-click installation on Real Software web hosting is interesting and I think I will try to move my web apps to their service so I can go back to regular shared hosting for my website.  Take what’s simple and put it on a simple server and take what’s complex and put it on the complex server.  It will make my life easier in the long run I think.

Cocoa is turning out to be a tough nut to crack.  Apple is doing things MUCH differently in Cocoa than in Carbon in a few areas and it seems that it’s hard to figure that out until you actually do the work.  Any framework is big and the deal with Real Software is that they’re trying hard to make it transparent to us.   But, the move to Cocoa, while very difficult, is an absolute must because Apple is slowly killing Carbon, it’s the only way to get 64 bit support and, it’s the only way to get iOS apps built in the long run.

iOS applications could be huge for Real Software.  Assuming they get it to work like we all need it to and it’s ‘just like’ an xCode app only written using Real Studio then they will have an unbelievably huge hit on their hands.  I can’t tell you how many clients ask me about leveraging their Real Studio code in an iOS app.  Currently that’s not possible.  A year from now?  I don’t know but I’ll be eager to test it even in the alpha stage.

Bottom line is that even though the company has taken a very long time to get the next version out the door I believe that this delay has been put to good use.  They’ve found stuff in the frameworks that they’ve been able to fix before it ever gets to us.  This is a good thing.  The delay is painful (and possibly executed poorly especially considering the talk on Agile software development) but we, and they, will be better off for it.

One can certainly argue the effectiveness of trying to code both the Cocoa framework changes AND a new IDE interface all at the same time but the fact is that they have made the Cocoa framework better by trying to do both at the same time.  By using the framework closer to how WE’LL be using it they’ve identified and squashed many more areas of concern.  The new IDE is a lot of change and some will hate it and some will love it and most of us will be in the middle.  I won’t know until I can spend 8 to 10 hours a day on it for a couple of weeks.  Based on what I saw at the conference that’s not possible now so the delay in getting the new IDE out is another good reason to push it of a release.

This is the first year where I’ve had multiple prospective clients talk to me about work.  If I manage to get all of the work I’d probably have to double my developer staff.  That’s a good problem to have!  I even had one client show up to the conference specifically to talk to me and my developers.

I though the location was okay and it was certainly better than Austin (nothing against Austin, just been there 5 or 6 times now).  I didn’t bring my family because we’ve been to both Disney World and Disneyland so Orlando had no attraction for me.  If they were to hold Real World again next year I’d recommend Las Vegas, San Diego or Seattle.  While some people might have enjoyed having it at the forefront of the big Memorial Day holiday weekend I didn’t as I felt like I lost the first part of it traveling home.  To each their own and I’d love to see more feedback on it.

I want to thank everyone for introducing themselves.  I had a lot of compliments about this blog and the magazine column and that really gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.  I certainly don’t do it for the money and there are plenty of times where I feel like I’m talking to myself.  So at least I know I’m not totally crazy.  🙂

What was your takeaway from the conference?  Do you want me to dig deeper into any topics I’ve been posting about?


Real Studio Developer May/June 2012

The May/June 2012 issue of Real Studio Developer magazine is out.

  • Report from the London RSUL Conference by Richard and Trisha Duke
  • Extreme programming with Real Studio by Tam Hanna
  • Using Materialized Views by Craig Boyd
  • Using Google Authentication in your RB apps by Mattia Sandstöm
  • Using mutual exclusion in threads by JC Cruz

In my regular column I talk about dealing with Projects that Go Bad.  Sadly, it seems like a matter of when and not if.  Seems like horror stories abound.  Ever have a project go bad?  Why?

Real Studio Developer Issue 10.3

Real Studio Developer Issue 10.3 March/April 2012 is out.  In this issue I have my regular column where I talk about how to attract clients to you rather than you hunting them down.

There’s an interview with Paul Lefebvre.

There’s an article from Anthony Mousel titled “Adventures In the Dark – Hard Lessons in Consulting”.  I highly recommend reading it if you want to do any consulting.  Good lessons to learn.  Even I still make some of these mistakes!

Real Studio Developer 10.2

The Jan/Feb 2012 issue of Real Studio Developer came out a few weeks ago.  I was incredibly busy and I forgot to post about it.

In this issue I did a report on the Real Studio Database Days event held in Frankfurt, Germany in early November.  It was my first visit to Germany and I enjoyed myself immensely.

My BKeeney Briefs column was about evaluating last years consulting business and mapping out strategies to make 2012 better than 2011.

Tam Hanna had an interesting article on Outsourcing.  Jens Bendig had an article on global variables and Marc Zeedar had an article about building your application based on assumptions.

So how did your 2011 go?


Real Studio Developer Nov/Dec 2011

Issue 10.1 of Real Studio Developer came out while I was in Germany last week.  In my regular BKeeney Briefs column I penned an article titled “Telling The Story of An Application – Getting your client to communicate with you”.

I also do an interview with Marc Zeedar about…wait for it…me!  Trust me, you’ll find out more information about me than you ever really wanted.  Imagine my surprise when I went the conference in Germany when people said, “Huh.  The picture in the magazine is a few years old, right?”  Um…thanks?

Also in this issue:  JC Cruz has an article on getting started with the Report Editor in Real Studio.  Marc Zeedar walks us how he used Real Studio to make an app for his iPad.  Paul Lefebvre’s two columns cover Large Database Objects – working with pictures in databases, and Easy Web Services – create a web API.

Check it out.  If nothing else you can use the picture to scare away mice and small children.


RSD July/August 2011: Being a Real Studio Superhero

The July/August 2011 edition of Real Studio Developer Magazine was released today.  My regular column is titled “Be a Real Studio Superhero – Tips to Rescue Your Clients”.

In the column I likened the comic superheroes and their journey from average Joe or Jane to superhero to our day-to-day struggle for all of us developers to become Real Studio experts (superheroes, get it!?).  Okay, it was a bit of a stretch, but it seemed appropriate before the summer superhero movies came out.  Hopefully your story is better than the movie versions (which all seem to stink this summer).

Besides my awesome article, there’s a good optimization article from Brendan Murphy from True North Software where he shows us how to make optimized parsing routines.

There’s a nice article showing the Oklahoma University using Web Edition to simply their online application process.

JC Cruz introduces us to Real Studio threads.  If you’ve never used threads you should get to know them – really.

Happy coding!

REAL Studio Magazine May-June 2011

Issue 9.4 of Real Studio Magazine is out.  In this issue there’s a lengthy article about the Atlanta Real Studio Conference hosted by the Association of REALbasic Professionals (ARBP) and Real Software.  The big news is that I am no longer the president of ARBP.  I have truly enjoyed my time guiding the fledgling organization but after three years of organization and two conferences it’s time for me to move on.  I’m not going away as I’m staying on as treasurer for at least a year.  If you didn’t know, ARBP paid members can access the conference videos after logging in to the ARBP website.  Direct link to the session list.

My Briefs article is titled When a Handshake Just Isn’t Good Enough – Why A Contract Is Necessary where I relate about how a recent client stiffed me out of some serious money owed to me.  Of course I didn’t have a contract with him because of the referral and the connections this client has with Real Software and the RealBasic community.  Learn from my mistake and always have a contract in place before doing work!

And, as always there’s a plethora of good information and reviews in the magazine and I highly recommend getting it.  It’s not just for beginners as there is good information for all skill levels.