Apps For Income Training

Real Studio is a great product and it is simpler than many other development tools but it’s still a programming environment with a learning curve.  The built-in User Guide and Language Reference and example programs are fine for many but not for everyone.  We started offering Real Studio video training a couple of years ago to help bridge that gap.  Based on the positive feedback we’ve received people really like the video training and it gives them an alternative way to learn the product.

I am very fortunate and blessed that my Real Studio consulting business is thriving.  I have great clients and have new ones contacting me every week.  But I also know that many people aren’t as fortunate and when Real Software announced their Apps For Income program I felt compelled to help them in some way.  After some very brief talks with Real Software we came up with something I can do to help.

I am offering a years worth of video training, at no cost, to the first 1,000 people in the Apps for Income program.  So not only will participants get a free license for Real Studio they’ll also get additional training from us.

Currently, that means each participant will get over 36 hours of Real Studio training spread out over 100+ videos.  These videos cover a bulk of the basics of Real Studio and a few areas that aren’t so basic.  We have two video series that follow a project from start to finish and cover not only programming but debugging skills and remote debugging into other operating systems.  Most videos have an accompanying project file with the source code so you can use them in your own projects.

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