Training Video: Charts & Graphs

We have a video request form at our Xojo Training area.  The number one request was for a video on how to do charts and graphs in Xojo projects.  Today we uploaded the 34 minute video giving you a few of the commercial options available.

We then use ChartDirector from MonkeyBread Software to create a simple bar and line graph (project included).  We decided to use ChartDirector simply because we use it in our own products as well as for our clients.  It’s kind of pricey, but it does 30+ types of charts and graphs, is high configurable, and is fast. It also runs in desktop and web apps on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

One of the things that I enjoy about doing the videos is learning some things myself.  I’ve always just sort of hacked my way through ChartDirector by copying/pasting code from the many examples.  ChartDirector has a ton of options and is rather complex.  Hopefully my short video helps you out.

Direct Link for Subscribers:

As always, please ask for videos!  It helps me set my priorities.