Colorado Summit Recap

The REALbasic Colorado Summit was a success!  I think we all had a good time and learned some things about REALbasic.  I attended and enjoyed all of the sessions and hopefully everyone else did too.

I did two sessions.  The first was on the Reporting Tools available for REALbasic.  Did you know that in 18 months there’s been an explosion of options?  Where there was only one commercial option now there are several (including the new RS reporting tool).  There are also some interesting (and usable) open source alternatives available. It was also the first session.  No pressure there.  🙂

My second session on Saturday was a filler (or emergency) session due to a speaker cancellation and I talked about the results of the 2009 ARBP consultants survey (I’ll eventually turn it into a blog post).  I unfortunately was not as prepared for it as I would have liked but it was meant to spark discussions in the room, which it did.

The offices of Inspiring Apps was a great location in downtown Boulder.  It’s an interesting area and I highly recommend visiting.  After the conference ended on Saturday some of us car pooled up to Estes National Park and, along with several thousand people, watched some Elk (I guess it was mating season).  The park was beautiful and the scenery was breathtaking.

The attendees were awesome as always.  We had a nice mix of people and had a few ‘newbies’ in the crowd and they asked some great questions.  The award for the longest flight was from Australia though Germany was a close second.  Otherwise there was a nice mix of people from across North America.

As with Real World, I’ve come back energized with some new ideas.  Isn’t that the point of going to a conference?  Learn a few things?  Ask questions?  Come back refreshed?

I’ll post more later after I catch up on work!

Interesting Tidbit on Where REALbasic Consultants Found Work

I’m analyzing the results of the latest ARBP survey (about REALbasic consultants) and I came across an interesting answer considering that the Colorado Summit is coming up next week.  In one question we asked how REALbasic consultants found work.  We had a set of canned answers with the option to add your own.  Several RB consultants  said in the ‘other’ response that they picked up work at Real World.  Of course the numbers are pretty low, but the fact that people went out of their way on the survey to include it speaks volumes.

This answer isn’t surprising, really, since the last couple of Real World events had companies trolling for RB developers.  To me, this has always been one of the best reasons to go to Real World.  I know I turned down work at Real World 2008 because I was already 100% committed to a project already.  Hopefully there will be a few at The Summit as well to make it profitable as well.  😮

There are still some slots available for the conference if you’re interested in going.  Hope to see you in Boulder!

REALbasic Colorado Summit: More Reasons To Attend

The REALbasic Colorado Summit is heading into its final stretch.  We’re all very excited about getting together and exchanging knowledge.  Some of the topics I’m particularly interested in because I can come away with ideas that can save me time (which means money).

We’ve pitched the event as a way to learn some advanced REALbasic skills and to meet and discuss RB with other RB professionals.  That’s all true, but one thing I think we’ve done a poor job of saying is that there are other reasons to come to the Summit.

If you are evaluating REALbasic as a development environment the Summit is an excellent place to learn more. I doubt you’ll find more REALbasic professionals in one room all year long (and that includes the REAL Software regional events in my opinion).  You’ll be in room filled with full-time pro’s that have used REALbasic for years.  A few in attendance have worked for REAL Software and can offer some advice that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Need to find a REALbasic developer?  Many of those in attendance are REALbasic consultants and live and breathe REALbasic day in and day out and have been exposed to, literally, hundreds of different applications.  If they can’t help you I’m sure they know another developer that can!

Have technical questions regarding your REALbasic application?  Again, you’ll find a boatload of people that can help you that do this for a living for others.  At REAL World it wasn’t uncommon to see developers going through their RB app to get suggestions from others in hopes of making a better app.  I don’t expect anything different at the Summit.

The Summit is going to be an intimate event because of its size.  REAL World, for some people, was intimidating because it’s hard to break into a group that seems to know each other very well.  With under 50 people at the Summit it should be very easy to mingle with everyone.  Since I always fight being a wall flower (No, really!  Stop laughing!) I’m going to make sure no one is left out.

There will be a lot of ideas and information disseminated in the sessions but it’s the talk that occurs outside of the official sessions that is most interesting and valuable (in my opinion).  It’s generally one-on-one, or in very small groups, and it’s never recorded for posterity.  The after hours events have a tendency to be  fun a well because no one is being ‘official’.

So there’s my alternative reasons for attending the REALbasic Colorado Summit.  To official website is at  The Association of REALbasic Professionals site is at

Happy coding and hope to see you there!

ARBP Chat Tonight

Join ARBP on Thursday, September 10th for an online chat about the Colorado REALbasic Summit. The special guests will be Joe Strout of Inspiring Applications and myself (not that I’m all that special).

This will be a 1 hour moderated chat, beginning at 9 PM ET. Don’t miss your chance to ask us about the Summit, the sessions, or general REALbasic programming questions!

These moderated chats are open to any member of ARBP.  Membership is free, so sign up today!

Colorado REALbasic Summit:
The Colorado REALbasic Summit will be held from Thursday September 24th through Saturday, September 26, 2009 in Boulder, Colorado.

Pricing: $199 for ARBP members, $249 for non-members

ARBP offers several types of memberships to REALbasic developers:
Free, Personal ($50) and Professional ($100). Visit the website and click on “Membership Benefits” to learn more.

Members-only Website:

REALbasic Colorado Summit Schedule Updated

Hot off the presses, here is the latest schedule for the REALbasic Colorado Summit:

9AM  Reporting Tools, Options, and Techniques
Bob Keeney

10AM Cocoa and Reporting Features in REALbasic
Geoff Perlman

11AM SQLite Power Tools
Ryan Vail

12-2 Lunch

2PM  OO Database Framework and Introspection
Seth Verrinder

3PM  Profiling and Performance Tweaking
Joe Strout

4PM  Version Control, And Why it Rocks
Aaron Gerber and Mathias Gran

5PM  Business Roundtable

9AM  Building REALbasic Plugins
Christian Schmitz

10AM Usability & Design Techniques
Jay Crain

11-1 Lunch


2PM  Facilitated RB/RS/Summit Feedback Session
Brad Weber

The official website is  Attendance is limited so if you’re interested I recommend signing up sooner rather than later.

Colorado REALbasic Summit: I’m Pumped!

People are signing up for the Colorado REALbasic Summit!  I can’t wait to see the other developers and talk about RB!  It looks like it’s going to be heavy in advanced topics so I think it’ll be more useful than Real World for people that have spent a lot of time using RB.

In case you haven’t heard about it, the Summit is being held in Boulder, Colorado September 24th through the 26th.  The official website is

To sign up, just go to the ARBP members site and click the Add To Cart button on the home page.  Paid ARBP members get a $50 discount so it really is a good reason to get a membership.   Seating is limited so it’s first come, first serve.  I hope to see you there!