Calendar Classes for Xojo 1.1.0

BKeeney Software has released version 1.1 of our Calendar Classes for Xojo and Real Studio. The Calendar Control is a Canvas subclass that lets you easily add Day, Week, Multi-Week, and Month views into your desktop applications.  The Calendar Control works in Mac OS X (carbon and Cocoa), Windows, and Linux applications.

New in Version 1.1:

  • Made Retina Ready (Mac OS X only)
  • Events on day view no longer overlap
  • Added ClearEvents method
  • Added Constant, kVersion to BKS_CalendarBase
  • You can now drag events to different times
  • Added a time interval to mConfig to constrain time drags and start/stop drag changes
  • Changed EventMoved event parameter to make usage more clear
  • Added ScrollToTime method to make the calendar scroll to that time
  • Added a new EventChanged event to tell the user that the event may have changed due to a time drag (move or change start/stop time)

We offer two versions of the Calendar, the Standard license is an encrypted set of classes and for those needing to get to the full source code we offer the Professional license.

More information can be found at

Xojo Calendar Classes 1.0.3

WeekViewWe released a minor update to our Calendar Classes today.  In version 1.0.3 we fixed a bug that prevented multiple day events from drawing properly.  We also added a new event so users could use their own localization on the Hour formats.

The BKS Calendar Classes is canvas subclass allowing you to have Month, Multi-Week, Week, and Daily Views (24 hour view) calendars for your Xojo and Real Studio applications.  We have two versions, the Standard license is an encrypted set of classes and for those needing to get to the full source code we offer the Professional license.

More information at

What Controls Would you Pay For?

I’m a big fan of the Einhugur control suite for REALbasic.  In particular, the Einhugur TreeView, Calendar, Date, and Time controls often find their way into my projects, both internally and for consulting projects.  The StyleGrid also gets some consideration for many projects as well.

A recent post on the Monkeybread Software blog mentions a number of bugs about the ComboBox control.  I agree with Christian’s assessment of the state of the ComboBox control.  I made a comment (currently awaiting moderation) that I thought that a 3rd party could sell a full-featured combobox control.

I’ve mentioned in the past that I would help finance someone to come up with a cross-platform WebKit plugin and, as of yet, no one has made one or approached me taking me up on the offer.  REAL Software has indicated that they’re looking at it.  Given their workload I’m not sure I expect it anytime soon.

I’m also a big fan of the True North Software Formatted Text Control.  I’ve used it in quite a few projects and find it to be a very nice replacement for the the TextArea control.  For now, it’s the best way to get true RTF support in your REALbasic application.  It’s also very extensible so if you need it to do something special you can modify the source to do it (though it might be a lot of work).

Other things I’d like to see:

  • A multi-column popupmenu/combobox
  • A grid control that supported container controls hosted in individual cells
  • A list view that could switch between column (Mac OS X), TreeView, List, and Icon View.

What is on your wish list of controls for REALbasic that are currently not available?  Why isn’t there a bigger market for 3rd party controls?