Real Software Job: Product Educator

An interesting job post came up today for Real Software.  They are looking for a Product Educator.  This position will be responsible for:

  • Updating the Real Studio Documentation
  • Interacting with customers via email, live chat and social media
  • Maintaining & Updating Real Studio example projects
  • Creating training videos
  • Giving Weekly “Intro to Real Studio” Webinars
  • Updating & Maintaining the Real Studio curriculum
This is a work from home position and ideal for someone familiar and energetic about the product.  Applicants should enjoy teaching and like writing tutorials and creating training videos.
I think this position should have been created long, long ago.  There are very few videos on their website (and those that are there are more marketing IMO), the example projects aren’t very good, the documentation isn’t very complete, and that there is no ‘user contribution’ area on their website is a real shame.  Hopefully a new position will do some real good.
One thing I hope they let this new person do is make mistakes in training videos.  One of the more consistent comments I get about my training videos is that people like it that I make mistakes and then I have to fix them.  That’s using the product like most people do.
I also hope that the person doing the training videos makes ‘real world’ projects and not just simple, let’s show off a single aspect of ‘x’.  I’d also recommend doing videos in each supported platform.
If I wasn’t already engaged in full-time Real Studio consulting work I’d seriously consider this.  I love the product and I really like showing it off.  I really like doing the training videos and wish I had more time to do them.