There’s an old saying (at least where I grew up in Northern Illinois) that there are a couple of things you don’t talk about in ‘polite’ conversation: Religion, Sex, and Politics.  I find the current trend of weaving political commentary into non-political news and opinions to be less than ideal.

The last two presidential elections have been amazingly close.  Roughly 50% of the country is aligned with the Democrats and the other half is aligned with the Republicans.  In 2000, President Bush won (some say stole) the state of Florida by just a couple of hundred votes.  Ohio in 2004 was close and it was also contentious.  It should be obvious to all, that regardless of political affiliation, that you’re going to piss off 50% of your readers (assuming you reach the entire country).

There are a number of blogs/sites on my regular reading list that are now injecting political commentary into their sports and technical news reporting/commentary.  I find it amusing (and disgusting at the same time) that they’re being so childish in their comments.  It seems like presidential elections brings out the stupidity in everyone (including the candidates themselves).

Quite frankly, I don’t care what these people think.  I’m an independent voter (really!) and I’ll make my own mind up by researching the candidates myself.    The chances of a single individual (including me) knowing the complete ‘truth’ about anything or anyone in politics closely approaches zero.  Besides, I go to these sites to read about sports and Macintosh and technical news NOT for politics.  There are plenty of websites available for political commentary for all sides (can’t forget about the Libertarians or Green parties).

If you really want to impress me, compare and contrast some particular viewpoint about technology issues that the candidates have weighed in on.  That angle I can deal with, but one-sided, childish comments about one candidate or the other is just as silly as the Ford vs. GM argument we had back in high school.

Yes, they have the right to publish whatever you want on your blog just like I do.  Just as I have the right to not read them.  If part of your income derives from people advertising on your site or people buying your products, then perhaps you should rethink the importance of pissing off half your readers in your political commentary.