RB Code Reports Updated

appicon64We updated RB Code Reports today after we realized that it wasn’t reporting properly against Web Edition projects.  The Statistics Report now shows Container Control, Web Container, and Web Page counts.  It did not before.

We also added a preference for the Signature Report so that you can now specify the scope of the signatures you want in the report.  For example if you wanted only Public, Protected, or Private methods/properties you can now filter on them.

It’s interesting.  Our big Web Edition project is now getting rather large.  228 Web Pages, 173 Web Containers and a little under 65,000 lines of actual code.  I estimate that we are less than 50% done.  We are definitely pushing the edge on Web Edition.  Fun, eh?

RB Code Reports Version 3.0.5 is a free update for all registered version 3 users.

For information at https://www.bkeeney.com/rb-code-reports/

RB Code Reports Version 3.0

Lenexa, KS, USA (August 10, 2012) – BKeeney Software has announced the release of version 3 of RB Code Reports.  RB Code Reports is a utility designed to read Real Studio binary and xml project files and analyze them and report on a number of useful things.  These reports are designed to let developers know of potential issues in their code.

RB Code Reports features the following capabilities:

– A statistics report showing how many lines of code and the code and comment densities

– An optimizations report offering ways to speed up code and avoid hard to maintain code

– A warnings report showing potential problems

– A signature report to document method signatures and to pull comments from methods

– A spelling report to show possible misspellings in control captions and other user interface elements

– A custom report option allowing the user to iterate the project tree and create their own report based on their own criteria


The following features were added in version 3:

– Can now read binary (rbp) project files

– Now recognizes Web Edition objects

– New optimization tests, include heavy use of variants, too many controls on a Window or WebPage

– New warning tests including the ability to check database code for sql operations that do not include a check for database errors, a very common problem with new Real Studio developers

– New signature report options to either pull all comments, or user selectable tagged comments, out of each method

– New user interface

– More preference options

– Automatic application updates


The pricing for this software is $24.95 for new users and $9.95 for existing owners of version 1.x or version 2.x


RB Code Reports can be downloaded from…


For more information visit http://www.bkeeney.com or send email to info@bkeeney.com.


BKeeney Software Acquires Real Studio True North Software Products

Lenexa, Kansas, USA (July 30, 2012) — BKeeney Software Inc. has announced that it has acquired the RealStudio portfolio of products from True North Software including…

– Formatted Text Control (FTC)

– RTF Parser

– RB Code Reports

– Spell Check Utilities (SCU)

– RBVersioner

– Obfuscate

– RB Linux Maker

– VInstaller

We are very excited to bring these products to BKeeney Software. These products represent years of quality work which we routinely use in our consulting work. These products are valued assets for the Real Studio community and we will continue to enhance these products. Brendan Murphy, from True North Software said, “I am glad BKeeney Software has chosen to acquire these products. They have the technical expertise and integrity to make these products flourish for years to come.”

The new home for these products can be found at the following URL’s:








For more information visit http://www.bkeeney.com or send email to info@bkeeney.com