2009 REALbasic Consultants Survey

I almost forgot about this one in the rush to get the Colorado REALbasic Summit setup and announced.  ARBP is currently hosting its 2nd annual REALbasic Consultants Survey.  As we did in 2008, we’re asking REALbasic developers about their consulting business.  Also, we are now breaking out ARBP members versus non-ARBP members to see the differences and to help determine the ARBP demographics.

ARBP members should log into the ARBP Members site and click on the “2009 ARBP Consultant Survey” link under the ARBP Info menu.

Non-ARBP members can take the survey at http://www.surveymethods.com/EndUser.aspx?A185E9F5A2E6F0F6

Some of the preliminary results are interesting because in last years survey we didn’t stop the survey if you said you didn’t consider yourself a consultant and this led to a lot of answers about pricing and employees being skewed.  This year non self-declared consultants do not take a majority of the survey.  We also refined some of the questions to include more details.

If you haven’t already, I would appreciate it if you could take the survey.  The results help ARBP determine who our users are and in the long run it helps the RB consulting community by giving some baseline numbers for comparison.