Time Waster Feedback Reports

Someone on the beta list asked a good question the other day about things that cost you time when using Real Studio.  It’s a really good topic because some really good ideas come out of the brief discussion.  We were kindly reminded that there was no current beta and the topic is more general so I’m bringing it out into the light of day for those not on the beta list.

I have created a Shared Folder in Feedback where you can put your “Top Time Wasters” Feedback reports into for the world to see.  The Feedback link is <feedback://subscribe?folder_id=34>.  There currently about 20 reports in the shared folder that are worthy of your perusal.  A few examples:

  • Plugin compiling glacially slow (currently ranked 768th)
  • The compiler repeatedly prepares plugins.
  • Edit Code button should jump to exact position
  • Add version identifier to plugins
  • Debugger:  Visually mark values that have changed
  • Debugger:  Watchpoints (currently ranked 264th)
  • Debugger:  Show variable values as tooltip when hovering over it (currently ranked 11th)
  • Add Debug Run Default per project (currently ranked 1360th)
  • Standardize Format should be automatic

These are really good ideas that could make my use of Real Studio more efficient.  Feel free to add your own productivity enhancement ideas.  With a new IDE user interface coming there’s no guarantee that RS will use any any of these ideas but you can at least give them some feedback on what you want to see.  The fact that some of these are ranked already says that some already agree with the user who posted it.

My own personal feeling is that the debugger is woefully incomplete.  It needs some redesign and some features added to make our lives easier.  An old ARBP survey asked about things that people wanted and the debugger was a very high want after more powerful grids.

Feel free to add your own in the comments section below, but what would be better is creating a Feedback report and putting it in that shared folder.