XDC Video Sale

The Xojo Developer Conference (XDC) is a fantastic event.  I highly recommend going to one.  The 2019 XDC event this year is May 1st through the 3rd in Miami, Florida.  I look forward to XDC as you will not find a greater density of Xojo developers on the planet!  Everyone there is all-in on Xojo and you can easily talk Xojo non-stop for three full days (or longer).  More details on XDC at https://www.xojo.com/xdc/

At XDC 2015 they started recording the sessions and attendees get these recordings as part of their conference admission.  This was a great addition because it made choosing between sessions a lot easier because you know you could watch it later.  Plus you could rewatch sessions whenever you wanted.

The XDC videos are also for sale after the conference.  They were not inexpensive but certainly cheaper than going to the event.  Xojo recently announced that the XDC videos from 2018 are now available for $99.  The 2016 videos are available for $75.  These are great prices for 64 videos that cover everything from the Keynote by Geoff Perlman, to database topics, to Windows and Linux and iOS and everything in between.  I haven’t totaled up the exact hours but if my rough calculations are correct the two years of videos adds up to over 1900 minutes of video.  I guarantee there’s a topic you’re interested in that is in this list.

I’m so looking forward to XDC 2019.  Not only to escape a fairly brutal winter in the midwest but to reconnect with my friends and talk Xojo non-stop for days on end.  But also to go to sessions that haven’t been done before.  Many of the speakers had done their favorite topics several times and chose different topics (I did this intentionally to get outside my box).  You can find the season list at https://www.xojo.com/xdc/sessions/

As I usually do I’ll do blog posts on the more interesting topics.  I expect to hear more about Web 2.0, Interops, Android, Xojo Plugins and much more.

Hope to you see you at XDC.  If we’ve never met please stop me and introduce yourself and tell me how you ‘know’ me.  Some read the blog and some have bought our Xojo developer products.  I love to hear about your experiences and how I can serve you better.

Xojo Trainer Feb 2015 Update

We released an update to Xojo Trainer today.  We’ve added over 8 additional hours of Xojo Training video to our package.  This brings the total up to over 60 hours!  Here’s the complete list of new video topics:


  • iOS Walkthrough
  • 1.0 iOS App Object
  • 2.0 iOS App Icon and Launch Images
  • 3.0 iOSScreens and iOSViews
  • 4.0 iOSTextField and iOSTextArea
  • 5.0 iOSButton and iOSMessageDialog
  • 6.0 iOSCanvas
  • 7.0 iOSHTMLViewer
  • 8.0 iOSImageViewer
  • 9.0 iOS Primitive objects
  • 10.0 iOSLabel
  • 11.0 iOSSlider
  • 12.0 iOSSwitch
  • 13.0 Xojo.Core.Tiemr
  • 14.0 iOSSegmentedControl
  • 15.0 iOSTable
  • 16.0 Xojo.Net.TCPSocket

New Framework

  • 1.0 Xojo.Core.Date
  • 2.0 Xojo.Core.Dictionary

Web Edition

  • PictureShare project

These are the same videos that we’ve been streaming to thousands of Xojo developers for years at http://xojo.bkeeney.com/XojoTraining/.  Now you can view these videos and get the source code that comes with them offline at any time on your Mac or Windows computer.

We recently hit a milestone on our online Xojo Training – we’ve now streamed over 9,000 hours of video to users all over the world.  All of this via a Xojo web app!

For more information on Xojo Trainer, please visit http://www.bkeeney.com/allproducts/xojo-trainer/

Real Software Job: Product Educator

An interesting job post came up today for Real Software.  They are looking for a Product Educator.  This position will be responsible for:

  • Updating the Real Studio Documentation
  • Interacting with customers via email, live chat and social media
  • Maintaining & Updating Real Studio example projects
  • Creating training videos
  • Giving Weekly “Intro to Real Studio” Webinars
  • Updating & Maintaining the Real Studio curriculum
This is a work from home position and ideal for someone familiar and energetic about the product.  Applicants should enjoy teaching and like writing tutorials and creating training videos.
I think this position should have been created long, long ago.  There are very few videos on their website (and those that are there are more marketing IMO), the example projects aren’t very good, the documentation isn’t very complete, and that there is no ‘user contribution’ area on their website is a real shame.  Hopefully a new position will do some real good.
One thing I hope they let this new person do is make mistakes in training videos.  One of the more consistent comments I get about my training videos is that people like it that I make mistakes and then I have to fix them.  That’s using the product like most people do.
I also hope that the person doing the training videos makes ‘real world’ projects and not just simple, let’s show off a single aspect of ‘x’.  I’d also recommend doing videos in each supported platform.
If I wasn’t already engaged in full-time Real Studio consulting work I’d seriously consider this.  I love the product and I really like showing it off.  I really like doing the training videos and wish I had more time to do them.

Real Studio Training Question

I’ve been giving some thought about sponsoring a monthly Real Studio webinar (I hate that name, by the way).  Either making it part of the Subscription Video Series I have available on the BKeeney Website or just limiting it to the first 20 or 30 people who show up on any given day.

If you were interested in that sort of thing, would you prefer:

  1. That we  (BKeeney Software) set the topic a week or so in advance and post it
  2. Allow the potential audience to submit questions beforehand and we pick the ones we want to cover
  3. Do an ad-hoc question and answer session the day of the seminar
  4. Combination of 1, 2, 3
  5. Something completely different

From my standpoint, #1 is the easiest for me.  #2 isn’t so bad and #3 has disaster written all over it due to the randomness involved.  I could see some wise-guy showing up and asking me to code something and then criticize me for a) being slow or b) doing it in a way they wouldn’t (meaning they knew how to code it to begin with).

I could see recording them and serving them up for later playback.  I could also see using these as opportunities to explore some of the 3rd party controls and libraries out there and inviting their developers on to talk about them.  Regardless, I think this is an area that could use some exploration.

So before I go down the proverbial rabbit hole on this, what say you?  What am I not thinking about?


Web Edition Training Videos

BKeeney Software Announces Over Six Hours of Web Edition Training Videos

BKeeney Software has announced the addition of over six hours of video training material devoted to the Web Edition of Real Studio.  The new training videos pushes the total number of hours of high quality web streaming video and project files to over 30 hours.

The Web Edition videos discuss how each web control works, including the events that you’re most concerned with, and demonstrates the use of it.  Most videos come with a project file and most come with an example web app running on the BKeeney Software website.

Parts of the Web Edition are free to access by simply signing up for the free Guest Pass at http://www.bkeeney.com/create-account.  The Guest Pass gives you access to over nearly forty five minutes of Web Edition specific material and two and half hours of total Real Studio material.

Several Guest Pass Videos for Web Edition:

Getting Started with Web Edition:


Style Editor Walkthrough:


Installing your Web App:


Users may purchase one of a variety of memberships including several three month membership types and a yearly membership.  Memberships start at just $55 and give you access to over thirty hours of training video.

With over one hundred videos to watch there is an incredible amount of material available to novices and experienced developers alike.  To get a complete feel for all of the material covered in the videos, please visit the tag cloud at http://www.bkeeney.com/realbasic-training-section/cloud-tag.

Students and educators should contact BKeeney Software to see if they’re eligible for a 40% discount.  ARBP paid members should check their discounts page on the ARBP website to find their 20% discount coupon code.

The host of your videos is Bob Keeney.  Bob is the owner of BKeeney Software, a software consulting firm specializing in Real Studio application development for over ten years.  For more information on their services and products, please visit http://www.bkeeney.com.


[Edit]:  We are currently working on resolving our SSL problem.

REALbasic Training Videos At BKeeney Software

Making a screencast video presentation is more difficult that you image.  First you figure out the script, then you do the recording (perhaps more than once), then do any editing (cut the coughs and um’s, speed up long typing sequences, etc), add any callouts or special effects, then convert to the appropriate video format, upload the video and finally create an accompanying article to go along with it.

Whew!  That’s a lot of work.  I’ve done this for over nine hours worth of material so far!

We, BKeeney Software, are now offering streaming videos for REALbasic training with over an hours worth of free video (you do have to sign up for an account though).  To say that this has been a labor of love is understating the scope of the project.  With nine hours of video we’ve barely scratched the surface of all that REALbasic has to offer.  We have many, many things still left on the plate. I look at this as a never ending stream of videos as REALbasic is always evolving (on a 90 day basis!) so the work will never be done.

With nine hours available now, what’s it mean for a month or year from now?  I don’t honestly know, but as I’m writing this I’m encoding and updating another twenty-six minutes of video.

Since this is REALbasic I spend a lot of time working in one environment, Mac OS X, and doing debug runs in Windows 7 and Linux (Ubunutu) and show you the big, little and sometimes subtle differences between the platforms.  You’re seeing how I approach a project from the ‘what I’m going to do’ to implementing it and doing final testing.  And yes, you get to see me make some mistakes (hey, don’t we all?) and through the magic of post editing I’ll point those out when I do them so you’re not confused and then we show the correction process.

This is not a typical video training program.  We have five hours of video just on the basic controls available for REALbasic.  Not only do we describe what it does and some of the things to be aware of, we use the control in a project and examine what it does in Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux when there are differences.

My goal is to make you a better REALbasic programmer.  I name EVERYTHING from RB objects to my variables in source code so that they mean something.  At a glance you should be able to tell what your source code is doing because you’re not just writing code for right now, but you’re writing code for six months and six years from now.

Sign up for an account and automatically get a free Guest Pass.  Poke around and take a look at the free videos.  We’d love it if you’d sign up for a subscription.  With our introductory pricing, a three month subscription costs $45.  A year subscription is $150 which is a 20% savings.

What’s great about the video training?  You can help direct what videos are done next.  REALbasic has thousands of classes – some with poor documentation and examples.  We can create the video training that helps you out sooner rather than later.

That’s it for now.  Happy coding!